il y a 4 ans

Since few months, Network for Active Citizens (NAC) is working with citizens and community-based organizations in UGANDA to amplify their voices to influence local, national governance and development processes. NAC exists to influence pro-development programs, empower citizens to peacefully co-exist and work towards sustainable development of their communities using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). they have built Youth Go Budget mobile App that allows Ugandan youths to send in feedback on different budgetary allocations in every budgeting cycle to their respective leaders. It is envisaged that this data will help leaders make informed decisions that factor in the needs of the youths.

Presently Network for Active Citizens is working on a new platform that unites youth globally to share their local experiences, knowledge and best practices on ground in relation to promoting SDG4: Quality Education, SDG5: Gender Equality and SDG8: Decent work and economic growth. This is a great approach to strengthening our pan-africanism and share our experiences with the world.

According to the UN Report on Uganda (2017), the prevalence rate of HIV among adolescent girls is rated at 9.1% compared to the National prevalence rate of 7.3%. That means every single hour, at least 2 girls get infected with HIV/AIDS. Network for Active Citizens is also advocating to instill in youth life skills that will protect them from HIV/AIDS and Teenage pregnancies.

Using ICTs to promote SDGs with the Youth Go Budget Mobile application has engaged youth to influence UGANDA national budget allocation to: Education, Agriculture and Health, sofar 4000 youth have been engaged through the app in the last 7 months. NAC members are more confident and hopeful about their new project, a new journey whose destination is to impact the WORLD.

by Steve NDENDE

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