" Successful projects need acquisition and strengthening of leadership skills. "

Developing a variety of situational approaches, including coaching and mentoring, ensures you can guide and motivate your team as required.

According to the most prominent literature, coaching and mentoring both help to drive results; increase commitment to a project; improve employee performance and productivity, and free up precious management time. 
Coaching focuses on performance within the individual’s current role, which can include the development of new skills or performance issues. 
Mentoring looks at long-term goals, dealing with both personal and professional success.
Participating in coaching and mentoring programs can help project managers to improve their leadership skills whilst also empowering team members to evolve as leaders in their own roles.


  • Is typically a short-term activity;
  • Has a specific goal or outcome, which is related to performance ;
  • Follows a structured approach with regular progress meetings ;
  • Can be delivered quickly without the need for extensive consultation and design ;
  • Delivered by the immediate manager.


  • Is long-term as it is heavily dependent upon a strong relationship between the mentor and mentee (individual receiving mentorship) ;
  • Takes a holistic approach to individual development ;
  • Takes place as and when required ;
  • Requires a design phase to decide the purpose and focus of the program ;
  • Is conducted by a senior, more experienced individual.
With the Mentorship and Coaching’s programmes, the Pan-African Online Platform for Justice and Ethics aims to play a key role in stimulating individual growth and development of youths and mid-career professionals across Africa.

The programmes are designed to provide them with trusted advisors who help to shape the character, values, self-awareness and empathy of the mentees.


Applicants are invited to submit their application to contact@paopj.org with their CV. Letters of reference are not required.