Justice4Her - Let's protect women and girls from violence

Violence against women and girls is a growing phenomenon in Congo-Brazzaville. This violence of various forms even affects children under 5, most often victims of pedophile practices and rape. This form of crime, of which women and girls are victims, is concentrated mainly in the three major cities of the Republic of Congo, namely Brazzaville, Dolisie and Pointe-Noire. However, out of ten cases of violence, only one or two are denounced, either because the victims are not sufficiently informed about their rights or because they do not have the psychological and legal support they need to prosecute the perpetrators.

The black figure of this form of crime is very high and does not allow Congo to easily achieve good performance in the implementation of the millennium goals for sustainable development, including goals 5 and 16 dedicated to the equality of gender and the empowerment of women and girls, as well as access to justice for all.

Therefore, the need to sensitize women and girls about their rights is one of the most effective mechanisms for combating and preventing all forms of violence. To achieve better results, this awareness must reach not only women and girls, but also men and youths.
The project Justice4Her aims to endow women and girls in the Republic of Congo with legal support through the use of technologies. Indeed, Justice4Her is an application which will gather information about women and girls rights, women and girls NGOs and associations providing victims of violence with psychological, medical and legal support and a police alert system to enable them to report to high prosecuting authorities any violence perpetrated.

Thank to Justice4Her application, every single woman will have access to the legal framework of the Republic of Congo, including but not limited to the Constitution, the Criminal Code and other related Acts and some international conventions adopted under the United Nations Organization which are part of the Congolese legal framework. This application will also provide a summary of legal proceedings to make easy women and girls better understand how to act accordingly when they may be victim of gender based violence or when they want to report violence perpetrated on a third person.

Justice4Her application will be available on Smartphone and basic phone. Each Congolese will be able to download it from Google play and participate to this campaign by reporting to the police and related prosecuting authorities the violence perpetrated in the neighborhood.
Justice4Her project will help the government of the Republic of Congo to prevent and reduce gender- based violence through the participatory mechanism set up by the application in such a way that victims, third persons and organizations from the civil society and prosecuting authorities will connect under the platform to report violence and help to advance criminal proceedings.
Nowadays the population of the Republic of Congo is over five million and there are more than four 4.9 million subscribers of GSM services who are using cell phones countrywide according to the data base of the Congolese Agency in charge of telecommunications services.
This is to show that Justice4Her will be accessible to over 4.9 million of Congolese and contribute to change the mindset of more than 80 percent of the population of the Republic of the Congo as this application will endow them with information on gender based violence and related prosecutions. We will campaign to engage all the subscribers of GSM services in Congo owning a cell phone to download Justice4Her or to use Interactive Voice System to engage in this initiative which aims to strengthen gender equality and make possible equal access to impartial justice.

Justice4Her will also help NGOs and associations established in Congo and acting for women and girl’s empowerment to stay posted on violence cases and will make easy the collaboration between victims, NGOs, police and attorney general's office. The application will function like alert system against violence affecting women and girls in Congo. Justice4Her will give individual, organizations and public officers to play a key role in spreading awareness on legal consequences of violence against women and girls and in supporting the judiciary to eradicate all forms of gender based violence.

The launching of Justice4Her application will change people's behavior and strengthen female leadership.

Justice4Her aims to protect women and girls from violence in the Republic of Congo. The project targets especially women and girls from the three major cities of Congo, namely Brazzaville, Dolisie and Pointe-Noire where several cases of gender based violence have been reported. From those three major cities, the campaign will be extended towards villages and provinces with the purpose to engage all the members of the communities to participate in the rising of a new Congolese society based on gender equality and the respect of the rule of law.

Nowadays, women and girls represent 52 percent of the population of Congo. Justice4Her will directly benefit to 52 percent of the population of Congo. In addition, this project will help the Congolese government to engage more actors in the struggle against all forms of violence affecting women and girls in the country.